Conference Calls: Minutes, Audio & Notices

June 14, 2016 Meeting Notes

June 14, 2016 Audio Transcript mp4

May 17, 2016 Audio Transcript - mp4

May 17, 2016 Meeting Notes

April 19, 2016 Audio Transcript - mp4

April 19, 2016 Meeting Notes

March 14, 2016 Audio Transcrip - mp4

March 15, 2016 Meeting Notes

February 17, 2016 Audio Transcript - mp4a

February 17, 2016 Minutes

January 19, 2016 - Webex* 

December 8, 2015 Audio Transcript - mp3

December 8, 2015 Minutes


*Webex recordings of meetings require that you download the Cisco Webex Browser Add-on App. Using this app gives you the audio stream and the visuals (PowerPoint, photos and other documents used and seen in the meeting) as if you were attending via conference call. It is a quick and easy download and install that you only have to download/install the first time. When you click on a Webex link, if you do not have the app it will ask you to download automatically.

Kids-on-Courts is a national grassroots organization of passionate volunteers committed to dramatically improving the opportunities for juniors to play racquetball in the USA.