Juniors Successes/Templates

Building a Successful Racquetball Program

This is a PowerPoint presentation that John Sharman put together about starting a successful Racquetball Program at the Lowe's YMCA in Mooresville, North Carlolina. 

Click here to view the presentation.

Wichita Kansas YMCA Juniors Program

Wichita, Kansas, YMCA how we did it and lessons learned.

North Carolina Racquetball Association Juniors Racquetball Program

The North Carolina Racquetball Association (NCRA) Juniors Racquetball Program was developed to provide teaching materials to racquetball instructors and to standardize the information being taught to the youth of North Carolina. 

Oldest Juniors Program Still Going Strong

Over 500 hundred kids from almost twenty high schools participate in the Missouri High School Racquetball Association (MOHSRA). Established in 1979, it’s the nation’s longest running junior racquetball programs and one of the largest high school racquetball programs in the nation.

Windom MN After-School Racquetball

VIDEO and TEXT: Page Kern and Dana Wallace run a successful Juniors after-school program in Windom, Minnesota.

Minnesota Racquetball Juniors Program


Andrea Hartman has built a successful Juniors Program in Minnesota.

John Sharman: Making a Difference

In the olden-days of racquetball, way back in about 1969, when wooden racquets and metal encased rubber eyeguards with no lenses were the tools of the game, John Sharman played his first racquetball game and fell in love.

Kids-on-Courts is a national grassroots organization of passionate volunteers committed to dramatically improving the opportunities for juniors to play racquetball in the USA.