Sharing Our Love of Racquetball

Originally published 10/2014

Remember the first time you played racquetball? Remember how the next day you wanted to go back and play again? Watch Legend Shannon Wright’s eyes light up when she talks about how she felt as a teenager when a neighbor introduced her to the game. She was hooked and still is today.

young girl who loves racquetball

Remembering this feeling and sharing your long acquired knowledge of the rules of the game, proper body mechanics, the exhilaration of a game well played, the feeling that every time you play you improve and how much fun it is to play. Better yet, how do you feel when you see a junior you coach or mentor feels these same things? Pretty good I bet.

This is one of the reasons the United States Racquetball Foundation (USRF) believes so strongly that the future of racquetball is in bringing the next generation of players into the game. We believe that focusing on teaching the game, developing the body and growing skills and having fun is what it is all about—because fun is paramount to keeping the game alive.

Since 2013 we've held a  Juniors Clinic at the US Open in addition to helping fund Juniors Clinics and a Family Racquetball Festival. We couldn’t do it without excellent and devoted organizers, great coaches and mentors, and all the other volunteers who work tirelessly to teach and share with kids the game that they love. 

Dr. Bud Muehleisen for starting it all and leading our 2014 US Open Juniors Clinic, Steve Strandemo, who Dr. Bud mentored and coached, paying it forward by teaching juniors clinics all over the Midwest.

Pros Rhonda Rajsich, and Rocky Carson for coaching and giving the 2014 US Open Juniors Clinic and giving the kids an unforgettable experience.

Coach Jim Winterton for offering his expertise and putting the kids through their paces at the 2014 US Open Juniors

The Life Time Fitness instructors that gave their coaching expertise at the US Open Clinic

Doug Ganim, US Open Tournament Director, for his support and adding our Juniors Clinic to the program

Andrea Beugen-Hartman for her passion, energy, connections and organizational skills for spearheading the Midwest Juniors Clinics.

MNRB for their financial support and co-sponsoring the Minnesota Family Racquetball Festival and juniors clinics.

And finally, all juniors coaches and mentors who share their knowledge and love of the game.


You’ve heard it a millions times before: “Children are the future.” How can you help? Teach a kid the game, mentor a kid; fund a junior’s tournament play at the state, regional or national level; and become a USRF sustaining donor.