Racquetball Is A Life-long Sport: 78 And Still Going Strong

Here are a few thoughts from Jim Hawk who has played racquetball for 38 years. 

USRF – Tell us a little something about you and your family. 

I am 78 years old. My wife Ann and I have been married since 10/10/59. We have 2 sons and 4 grand children (3 girls-they screech when little) and 1 boy. Our older son is an Airline Pilot & our younger son is a sales estimator/representative. I had 2 years Army active duty. I retired from Armstrong World Industries as a Sales Representative after 43 years in 2000-then was called back by Armstrong Joint Venture Company for part time sales in 2005 till 2009.  

USRF – When did you first get introduced to racquetball and what other sports to you enjoy?

While living in Cincinnati, there was a Racquetball court (1978) built near our home. It looked like a good exercise sport, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I became hooked very quickly. Now I don’t know how to quit! I have bowled a lot in my younger days and I played baseball and softball. I still play softball in a Senior League –don’t know when to quit this also.

USRF – What do you feel racquetball has contributed to your overall health and overall wellbeing?

WOW!!! Great cardio, it is a great tension reliever, great fun and has established great friendships. What more is there?

USRF – How is your game different today than it was years ago and what has contributed to that difference?

I’m older and slower and have less power, but I need Racquetball to keep me going!! I really didn’t have a game when I first started.  Fortunately, I had guys help me along the way. Then I ran into John Sharman –he made me think and pay attention to the details of the game. YES - I’m a slow learner.

USRF – Why have to you volunteered to participate in the “Seniors for Juniors” program?

I love Racquetball and all the benefits that it provides. So it’s my turn to pay the experience forward.

USRF – How does racquetball differ from other sports to you personally?

It’s more intense. One can play at any age and skill level. I love competition but I’m lazy and the wakeup call in Racquetball comes very quickly.

USRF – Is there a single memorable event you can you share that has impacted your racquetball game?

Dave Peck came to Charlotte on a promotion tour and he played anyone at our court. I was his first victim. So I asked Dave if he would skip my first serve to him and he did!!  We both laughed and my fellow Charlotte competitors were surprised.  Dave then took care of business. I also got to play with Super Bowl Quarterback, Joe Theisman. That was a HOOT.